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Descendant Aquarius and Ascendant Leo; you are a mixture of pride and tolerance and If you do not know your astrological descendant, use our application.
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Hidden categories: Articles lacking sources from December All articles lacking sources All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This astrology -related article is a stub. This sign is also associated with the festival of Saturnalia, in honour of Earthly Pleasures and Delights. With Capricorn rising you will find a sense of purpose and inner balance comes through pursuing your ambitions whilst giving plenty of time for recreation.

By developing your sensual and practical sides you will find satisfaction, whilst reminding yourself that you are far more capable than you let yourself believe. You are a work in progress and are highly likely to succeed. Let Damian Rocks explain how your chart can describe your life journey and the potential you hold within!

What Is A Sun Sign? How Can Astrology Help? Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs.

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Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive and emotional nature. Your Rising Sign shows the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences needed to make your life meaningful. Your Ascendant is Capricorn.

Descendant Reveals What We Reject in Ourselves & Project Onto Others

Capricorn Ascendant. Order Your Personal Consultation. Get The Full Picture. The Pleasures of Life There is more to life than hard work and discipline. Your Astrology Profile. Your Monthly Forecast. First Name. Last Name. Your Sun Sign Is? What Are You Interested In? Astrology Courses? All Of The Above? Elsewhere in the Galaxy. You have a nurturing soul and others may look to you for comfort.

Typically, you come off as approachable because you seem so nice and compassionate. Your personal security is important to you and you can be very protective of it. You like to feel sure of yourself and your environment. With Capricorn in the descendant, you may attract partners who are reliable, stable, and seek a relationship with well-defined expectations and boundaries. You appreciate someone who is both romantic and serious in love, someone you can trust and depend on. Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, you may be attracted to older partners!

Or just people who are responsible and good at maintaining their personal security. You have an innate magnetic energy that makes you stand out, whether you try to or not. Being in the spotlight is cool with you, in fact it might be something you desire, and you tend to be quite decisive, even stubborn at times. You have the tendency to feel very sure of yourself, which can sometimes lead to impulsive decision making. Your reputation tends to be important to you, you hate being embarrassed, and you may not exactly be the best at accepting criticism.

With Aquarius on the descendant, you may attract partners who are unique, original, and inspiring.


A relationship with someone who allows you the independence to express yourself is ideal for you. You appreciate partners who can share your ambitious and social nature, someone who you can talk to about your opinions and desires, someone who will listen with an open-mind. You can be very detail-oriented, a perfectionist even, and you seem to notice the flaws in everything. However, this can be a valuable skill, as you can spot the one flaw in a plan that others may have overlooked. In new situations you may feel uncomfortable and come off as shy as you take in and adjust to the environment around you.

However, you can also be very adaptable as well. People tend to rely on you and see you as dependable, as you typically enjoy being helpful. It usually takes a little bit for you to warm up to others, but once you do, your personality lights up and the real you is revealed. With Pisces in the descendant, you may attract partners who are idealistic, compassionate, and willing to make sacrifices for a relationship. You enjoy relationships with partners who are sympathetic and understanding, someone who can make you feel appreciated and needed.

Someone who is kind, patient, and understanding of your emotional needs is likely a compatible fit for you.

Your Descendant is Leo, Your Ascendant is in Aquarius

You tend to be naturally charismatic as you radiate harmony and enjoy being friendly. Although you have a peaceful presence, to some your charm may come off as superficial. Your appearance is often important to you and you enjoy being attractive. Even without natural good looks, Venus is your ruling planet and others may find themselves naturally attracted to you in other ways. It may be because of your naturally easygoing nature. With Aries in the descendant, you may attract partners who are direct, action-oriented, and assertive.

Someone who can balance out your indecisive nature and point you in the right direction can often be beneficial.

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You have an innately powerful presence about you that makes it hard for others to ignore. You can be rather secretive and protective of your personal privacy.

Descendant Signs: How Do They Influence Your Personality?

Curiosity is a natural trait of yours and you have a gift for reading between the lines and discovering the truth. With Taurus in the descendant, you may attract partners who are reliable, loyal, and sensual. Taurus is also a very sensual, physical sign, and since Scorpio strives for raw intimacy, having a Taurus influenced partner can send sparks flying.

Aquarius rising/ascendant (leo descendant)

There is a restless quality about this placement, as if the soul is constantly searching for a new adventure. Adapting is usually not an issue for you, in fact you often thrive within the currents of change. Your curious nature thrives when you have the freedom to learn through experience.

Your lighthearted nature helps you thrive in social situations, and you often enjoy talking to people and sharing your ideas and opinions. With Gemini in the descendant, you may attract partners who are witty, social, and easy to have a conversation with. Someone who can share your interests, accept you with an open-mind and join you on your adventure, may just be your ideal partner. You have a very powerful ability to focus on your aspirations, and you may have the tendency to worry about the future since you are so goal-oriented.

Capricorn Risings seem to be naturally responsible and often learn to function independently at a young age. You desire to be successful, and you want others to notice this quality in you. People usually feel like they can rely on you, as your rational and competent nature is a part of your personality that you project to the world around you.

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  6. With Cancer in the Descendant, you may attract partners who are stable, loving, and compassionate. Someone who is able to offer you authentic compassion and soothe your ambitious mind after a long day can often seem like the perfect fit. You like to come off as different, whatever that may mean to you. You can be very opinionated especially with topics that revolve around humanity, but sometimes you may be overly willing to try and push these ideas onto others. Since Aquarius is a fixed sign, you can be very stubborn sometimes and resistant towards change.

    With Leo in the descendant, you may attract partners who are creative, expressive, and ambitious. Despite your need for freedom, relationships with partners who are willing to be loyal and give you the affection your heart desires can bring you great amounts of happiness. Someone who can share your creativity and opinionated nature may just be perfect for you.

    You have a very mutable quality to you and often find yourself going with the flow, as you have a very harmonious nature. Your open-mind adds a changeable quality to your personality and your opinions and beliefs may undergo many changes throughout your life. You tend to blend in and adapt to the needs of others. With Virgo in the descendant, you may attract partners who are adaptable, helpful, and reliable. Partnerships with people who keep you grounded in reality may be karmically beneficial for you.

    You like to feel secure in love, and a partner with Virgo traits can offer the stability you crave deep-down. Your Descendant is ruled by Libra and Venus. It mainly represents relationships, partners, romance and who are attracted and why. Aries: You will attract and are attracted to people who possess Mars like qualities.