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For Scorpio, this sign is Taurus.

Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

While Scorpio is flowing with fixed water, Taurus is cut from fixed earth. Both of these zodiac signs are serious about their commitments and if they find each other, you can bet they'll never give up on their love.

However, Scorpio's love is made of deep, unwavering emotion that seems to flow from another world. Adversely, Taurus is concerned with what is tangible in the physical realm. Even though they may butt heads, it's fireworks when they set aside their differences. Of every sign in the zodiac sign, Cancer has got to be the most adorable match for Scorpio. Because both are ruled by the element water, they'll never have to worry whether or not their emotional needs are being understood.

Cancer compatibility table

Water is sensitive, intuitive, and spiritual, and both Cancer and Scorpio exude these qualities flawlessly. However, while Pluto-ruled Scorpio has their sights on the dark side of life and can't help but feel fascinated by all things taboo, Cancer has softer concerns.

Ruling over the fourth house of home and family, Cancer is the sign that soothes the pain in one's heart and brings everyone together. Where Scorpio is confronting, Cancer is comforting. Think of this pair as the lion and the lamb. It's deadly, yet so unbelievably sweet.

Similarly, Scorpio appreciates your nurturing since they often deprive themselves of the things they need most, like good food, comfortable furniture, and handy appliances. Sure, this friend is capable of making stinging comments that make you draw back into your shell. On the other hand, your gestures of affection can make reserved Scorpio squirm with embarrassment. Your many common interests may include scuba diving, watching films, and trading detective novels. You love familiar environments, while the Archer prefers venturing into unknown territory.

The Best Love Match for Cancers

Is there any hope for this friendship? In the same vein, your tender nurturing can help the Archer develop their soft side. Still, you can learn a great deal from one another, especially engaging in activities like horseback riding, chess, and dancing. Get your full Astrology birth chart now with our Essential Birth Report , and start having better experiences with everyone around you.

Similarly, Capricorn adores your capacity to make anybody feel warm and comfortable. The two of you share a wonderful senses of humor. Yes, it drives you crazy when Capricorn treats work as more important than your friendship. On the other hand, your pal has a hard time coping with your moodiness. You probably both share an appreciation for antiques, deep sea fishing, and karaoke. Making friends with Aquarius is an interesting business for you, Cancer. You like creature comforts, but the Water-bearer rejects material pleasures. So how can you keep this friendship alive?

Cancerian Man in Love & Relationships | Keen

For instance, your Aquarius friend can offer logical solutions to upsetting problems. Similarly, you can teach the Water-bearer the finer points of being a great host, like stocking the pantry with delicious food, filling the bathroom with clean towels, and outfitting the bed with crisp linens. The two of you may enjoy activities like windsurfing, stargazing, and fixing broken equipment. This is a friendship that affords great joy and happiness to you both.


This mutual appreciation is only bolstered by your many common interests, including swimming, dream interpretation, and poetry. Are there any sore spots between you? Well, yes. On the other hand, the Fish sometimes feels that your mothering borders on smothering. Another sign that Scorpio can vibe with really well is Virgo. Aries and Sagittarius are both fun-loving, competitive, and always doing something fun together.

Sagittariuses are always on the go and they need plenty of breathing room and freedom to move around, and since Aries is so independent, Sagittarius has free reign to do whatever TF they want without worrying about their S. Geminis are also good matches for Sagittariuses because they both looooove to learn.

What Signs Are Compatible With Cancer?

A Gemini and a Sagittarius can talk for hours if not days about topics that, to others, might seem weird or out there , and both will stay completely fascinated and engaged the entire time. Both signs hold their partners to some incredibly high standards and enjoy helping them meet and surpass their personal goals.

Both Libra and Aquarius are air signs, super intellectual, social AF, and looove to be in relationships. Leo and Aquarius also tend to be a power couple, although there might be some rough footing at first. Pisces gets along most with other water signs like Cancer because they understand each other on a deep, emotional, intuitive level, and the potential for making deep connections is unlimited with these partners.

Another good match is Capricorn. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Alexander Grabchilev Stocksy. Related Story.

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